Camp participation cost

Registration deadline
prior to April 1 April 1 to May 5 after May 5
members members members
Complete program 600 € 500 € 800 € 650 € 1000 € 800 €
Blocks: May 18-20 OR 21-24 400 € 350 € 500 € 425 € 600 € 500 €
One day 150 € 150 € 150 € 150 € 150 € 150 €

members - Members of INBI World

Registration requires a deposit of €100

Discounts for INBI World instructors and masters available.

Accommodation and meals

«Sibiria» ethno-hotel is a unique settlement composed of replicas of ethnically-designed dwellings: Tuvan yurt, Khakassian octagonal yurt and Siberian chum. Each room of the hotel is furnished with hand-made wooden furniture made to order of whole timber (bed, bedside tables, hangers, table, chairs) and is en-suite. The hotel is located approx. 3 minutes walking distance from the place of practice.

«Kochevie» ethno-hotel consists of standalone traditional thick-felt yurts. Inside you will find an electricity-powered heater, cushions and carpets. Sleeping accessories are provided: matresses, cushions, blankets and bed linen. Shared bathroom facilities are available a short distance away and include hot shower cabins, toilets and washing basins.

It is possible to set up your own individual tents in designated areas at an extra cost. Cost includes the use of shared bathroom facilities.

There are 2 cafe-restaurants operating in Ethnomir complex. Menus are available from Ethnomir website.